More About Enzo Arduini

Enzo Arduini,

has made a name for himself, over a period of almost 30 years, on both a national and international level and can count himself one of Germany's most successful and sought-after artists. As both a freelance painter and sculptor, Arduini has lived in Munich since 1972, whereby he often feels drawn back to his native country Italy. Time and again he enjoys letting beautiful Tuscany inspire him anew.

Born in 1952 in Ferentino, Lazio, Enzo Arduini studied painting under the guidance of Prof. Giuseppe Modica and Adolfo Loreti at the Liceo Artistico in Frosinone. He attended the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome, continuing his studies in painting and sculpting at the school of the famous artists Avenali, De Chirico, Renato Guttuso and Pericle Fazzini. Also in Rome he worked for two years for Bertolini.Enzo at work

The artist's works take as their point of referenceneo-expressionism, following the archaic style with clear, flowing and tranquil forms, often very suggestive. Arduini always puts a lot of feeling into his works, awakening strong emotions in the beholder. The pictures come to life, demonstrate depth, start to move, thus becoming a part of both him and his surroundings. Enzo Arduini's art has a surprising and mysterious effect, forever new and vivid, without being penetrating or provocative.

His works have a power of expression at once stimulating and relaxing.

Arduini is one of the few artists to still mix their colours themselves in accordance with the tradition of the Old Masters. Thereby he obtains impressive results. Warm colours, soft harmonious lines, brush strokes executed with verve using intensive colours – through the silhouette of a figure, for the most part only intimated at, the beholder is inspired to develop imaginative faculties and a fantasy all his own. The colours selected by Arduini reinforce the power of expression, thus serving not only the colouring. An intensive blue and various shades of red can frequently be found. But also pastel hues such as light blue, yellow and lilac occur again and again. As Enzo Arduini constantly has recourse to the complementary colours, their choice appears balanced and very harmonious. At the same time, they provide intensity and impulsivity. On the colour disc, the complementary ones are located opposite each other and the result of a combination of any two of these is white or black.

Enzo Arduini is always on the lookout for new possibilities and is greatly interested in realizing artistic ideas using various materials and diverse techniques. Today he has already produced a vast range of works: sculptures in wood, bronze, marble, porcelain, ceramics, gold or silver – as well as paintings done using acrylic, oil and water colours, paintings that he himself put into frames, then covering the latter with gold or silver plate. Arduini prefers to use hand-made paper or strong canvas. He likes to work on large surfaces.

In addition the artist creates single pieces for exclusive and unmistakable jewellery in gold, in silver, in white gold and decorated with lovely precious stones or with blown pearls of Antiquity. On special request, as for a Christ or for a gravestone, beautiful individual works of art have emerged.
Anna Arduini